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Reunion Tour kicks off in Eastern NC

Our staff had the privilege of embarking on a very special trip. On our Reunion Tour we travel throughout the state of North Carolina to visit with former Rutherford County Schools students. Many of these students have been part of our organization's initiatives in the past. It is refreshing to hear their successes and also help them through their struggles if possible. We witnessed firsthand how much impact our work has had on each of them as they spoke of their experiences with nostalgia and admiration.

Throughout the tour we felt overwhelmed by the sense of pride as every student thanked us for being part of their journey. It was a humbling reminder that although we may only be able to permit these students access to resources and assistance, they are ultimately capable of making the substantial changes in their own lives. We are grateful for this opportunity to reconnect with them and share in the rewards borne from our efforts towards collective progress.

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