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Today the number of opportunities for a career are limitless, some of the require a four-year or more college degree and some don't.  At McNair Educational Foundation we have college and career path programs that help you choose the career that's right for you and then identify what time of skills and postsecondary education is associated with that career choice. We are with you every step of the way to success!


GPS 4 Success (Go.Persist.Succeed) is part of the McNair’s research project which works with students to improve college persistence and completion. As a participant in GPS 4 Success, graduates from Rutherford County Schools have access to a Navigation Coach who can assist them with: 

  • Completing the college enrollment process 

  • Accessing on-campus resources

  • Assistance with course planning & registration

  • Financial Aid

  • Accessing tutoring 

  • Career exploration

  • College Transfers

  • Solving other barriers that may arise during the college experience 


The Adopt-a-College Student program pairs a recent high school graduate who is attending college with a fourth or fifth grade classroom. The college graduate and the class correspond regularly through social media, written letters, and classroom visits. Students in the classroom are exposed to college while college students receive support and accountability from the teacher and students. 

Adopt a College Student Program

In an effort to provide hands-on learning opportunities and real-world connections in the field of science, Rutherford County Schools (RCS) and The Robert and Janice McNair Educational Foundation have partnered with the McNair Scholars from the McNair Medical Institute at the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas to create the McNair Science Education Collaborative. This collaborative program matches selected Rutherford County School teachers with a current graduate student or post-doctoral fellow working in a McNair Scholars’ laboratory. McNair Teaching Fellows from Houston and RCS partner to discuss curriculum content and to provide curriculum connections through demonstrations, activities, and experiments related to the current scientific research of the McNair Scholars. Much of the program occurs through the use of technology and virtual classrooms. However, at least once annually, the Houston-based McNair Teaching Fellows and/or McNair Scholars visit Rutherford County Schools to speak to student assemblies, lead classroom activities, and provide professional development. 

McNair Science Collaborative
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