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Mentor Webinars

As part of our ongoing desire to provide support to our mentors so you can better support our students, we are developing a library of webinars on relevant topics. Mentors are able to watch these webinars at your convenience to learn or strengthen your knowledge. To begin click on the bronze section. As you complete a level, the next level will open up for you to access the next group of webinars. 


By completing the bronze level you will have a solid foundation as you begin or continue your mentoring journey. Experts in bronze will be prepared to move on to silver.


The content of the webinars in the silver level are appropriate for mentors who are ready to increase their entry level knowledge. Experts in the silver level will be prepared to move on to gold.


As you become more comfortable with the responsibilities of mentoring middle and high school students, you are ready to advance your knowledge to provide more resources and information for our students. Experts in the gold level will be ready to move to platinum.


Mentors who enter the platinum level will have a solid background in mentoring and the information that is most relevant to our students. Platinum content helps mentoring take their knowledge to the next level. Platinum experts are ready to move to diamond.


Diamond mentors have shown the commitment to lifelong learning to better support their mentees. Webinars in the diamond level allow mentors to do a deeper dive and continue their learning to become better mentors.

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