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High school heros

Other than "What do you want from Santa?", the number one question kids get asked is "What do you want to be when you grow up?" The most popular answers include doctor, lawyer, teacher, firefighter, police man, and of course President of the United States. We love hearing these answers because these are people they see as heroes, it's the people they look up to in their community. But how many kids actually understand what it takes to become like their heroes? What skills are required? What education is needed? That's where McNair Educational Foundation can help.


Our programs introduce kids early into different career fields through classroom projects, a college fair, and correspondence with a recent high school graduate that is now in college. These programs help increase career awareness and set the foundation of a college-going mindset that will carry them into the future.


High School Heroes is a program dedicated to expanding the college-going culture by providing college awareness activities in elementary school classrooms. Heroes talk to the students about college and careers and work with the students on classroom projects. Heroes also help third grade students develop and present a college fair for parents, community members, and students in other grade levels. High School Heroes are students from the Shelton Leadership program.


The Adopt-a-College Student program pairs a recent high school graduate who is attending college with a fourth or fifth grade classroom. The college graduate and the class correspond regularly through social media, written letters, and classroom visits. Students in the classroom are exposed to college while college students receive support and accountability from the teacher and students. 

Adopt a College Student Program
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