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2024 ROPE Award Recipients

The Robert and Janice McNair Educational Foundation recently announced the recipients of the 2024 ROPE (Reaching for One’s Potential for Excellence) Award.  41 seniors from Chase High School, 40 seniors from East Rutherford High School, and 46 seniors from R-S Central High School were selected to receive the ROPE Award this year, receiving a total of $1,046,000.  

The ROPE Award is given annually to students who have taken challenging classes, made good grades, served the community, demonstrated upstanding character at school and in the community, and overcome obstacles to reach for their potential.  ROPE Award recipients are selected by the ROPE Award Teacher Advisory Council consisting of teachers from the high school and feeder middle and elementary schools. “The beauty of the ROPE Award is that it is not limited and students aren’t competing with each other,” said executive director and main banquet speaker Monica Lee. “Students only compete with themselves, challenging themselves to make the grades, take the right classes, do well on college entrance exams and provide service to their community.”

To be eligible to apply for the ROPE Award, students must maintain a 3.0 weighted grade point average (GPA), meet the University of North Carolina system’s admissions requirements, make at least a 1080 on the SAT or 19 on the ACT, or take a combination of the tests 2 times. They must also provide a minimum of 70 service learning hours to the community.  Students can begin working towards the eligibility requirements the summer prior to their freshman year in high school.  

The Foundation will hold a celebration to honor the 2024 ROPE Award recipients on Thursday, April 18, 2024.  In addition to being recognized at the celebration and receiving a certificate, ROPE Award recipients are also eligible for financial aid of up to $8,000 for up to four years of postsecondary education.   

The 2024 ROPE Award recipients are: 

Lucero Aguado, Kevin Aroche Rios, Alejandro Arredondo, Addison Arrowood, Jesse Arrowood, Marissa Arwood, Katelyn Arwood, Carissa Bailey, Taylor Barker, Jordan Baxter , MaryGrace Beam, Carson Bennett, Natalie Bennett, Dalea Bivens, Chloe Black, Lilly Bowers, Haley Bradley , Savannah Breeden, Lucas Bright, Olivia Brown, Aiden Burdge, Alexxus Burns, Matthew Butler , Layla Carpenter, Emma Clayton, Billy Mac Clement, Ashton Coffey, Andrew Cortor, Abril De La Cruz , Kristina Curry , Spencer Davis, Jordan Dixon, Kali Doggett, Gloria Ekstrom, Jacob Ellenburg, Roselyn Enriquez, Zaira Escalera , Max Lozano, Jacob Ezell, John Flores, Nathan Flynn, Cora Goforth, Alexis Grayson , Dalton Green, Katherine Greene, Madilynn Griffin, Dawson Hardin, Julianne Hardin, Michayla Hendren, Madison Hendrix-Rhodes, Christopher Hensley, Eli Henson, Karina Hernandez , Karla Hernandez, Hallie Hernandez, Jordan Herron, Lynsey Hettrick, Zoe Hodge, Boone Hodge, Kaylie Holland, Kaylin Hooper, Brooke Hope, Carrie Houser, Riley Howard, Mackenzie Hughes, Madalyn Hughes, Betty Huntley, Anndrea Jackson, Valerie Jackson, Harrison Jackson, Ben Jordan, Ty Kilgo, Montana Kiser, Jada Knox, Rylie Kurkendall, Savannah Lail, Josiah LaNave, Dallas Lankert, Garrett Lawing, Abigail Lewis, Azariyah Littlejohn, Casey Lyda, John McBrayer, Anslee McDaniel, Kyler McGinnis, Alayah Moore, Braylen Morrow, Jamya Mosley, Mileah Murphy, Zack Nix, Hannah Onyango, Alexis Owensby, Nykeria Petty, Cagney Pruett, Sydney Radford, Emory Ray, Brock Reid, John Rich, Cierra Roach, Jenna Roberson, Ruth Rodriguez Alonzo, Sara Rothrock, Keelen Ruppe, Molly Shew, Caleb Shires, Ragan Sisk, Michael Smith, Lauryn Smith, Cheyenne Stanley, Jada Stroud, Taylor Thompson, Lillian Tipton, Mary Grace Tisdale, Joselin Velasquez, Levi Vogel, Madison Wease, Skylar Whitaker, Jacob White, Jada Whitesides, April Whitley, Noelle Wilson, Olivia Wilson, Ashleigh Womick, Travis Woods, Takoda Woods, and Easton Zaffuto.

Congratulations to the 2024 ROPE Award recipients.

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