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Choosing a College Major

Tips and suggestions for how to pick the major that's right for you. 

Improving Access and Success for 1st Generation College Students

​Who are first-generation college students, what barriers to success do they face and what solutions may exist to remove these barriers? 

Start College Conversations Early

​Here's what to talk to your child about at each stage of schooling.

Higher Education means Higher Earnings

It's a given that a higher education leads to a higher salary, but a Bachelor degree correlates with some other benefits that you may not be aware of.

Soft Skills and College Readiness

​These often ignored skills could hold the key.

"Grit" and College Success

Angela Duckworth, former middle and high school teacher, explores the connection between effort and success. Curious?  Take the "GRIT"Test and see how you do. 

Facebook Posts & Lost Chances of Admission

A survey of admissions officers by Kaplan Test Prep has found that they are increasingly likely to find on social media material that may hurt some applicants' chances of admission.

College is Affordable

It can be scary when you see the tuition for college. It is affordable, and here's why.

Show Me the Money

Famous words that we all identify with.  Learn how to find those dollars to pay for college.

The Cost of College (Spanish)

Be prepared now

What College Freshmen Should be Thinking About

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