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Seniors Receive over $1.5 Million in McNair Scholarships

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

Robert and Janice McNair founded the McNair Educational Foundation in 1989 with the goal of providing students with the necessary financial aid to attend college. In addition to providing scholarship funding to students, the Foundation has expanded to provide a multitude of programs across Rutherford County Schools (RCSNC), offering students many levels of support needed to prepare for and succeed in college and careers.

This year, RCSNC’s class of 2019 earned over $1.5 million in scholarship funding from the McNair Foundation. The ROPE Award is the longest-standing and most well-known scholarship provided by the Foundation. Annually it is awarded to students who have embodied what it means to ‘Reach for One’s Potential for Excellence.’ ROPE recipients are selected based on a variety of criteria including taking challenging academic classes, setting and reaching goals, demonstrating good citizenship, and showing the ability to persevere despite obstacles. In most recent years, ROPE scholars have received $5,600 to aid in educational expenses. In 2019, the scholarship amount was raised to $8,000; with ROPE recipients receiving $2000 toward each year of college attendance.

179 graduating seniors of the Rutherford County Schools class of 2019 have been named ROPE Award recipients; 59 from Chase High, 74 from East Rutherford High, and 46 from R-S Central High.

From Chase High School: Katie Beam, Rebekah Blanton, Logan Bridges, Shana Briscoe, Garrett Buckner, Lyndazha Burkins, Kai Casner, Seth Cooper, Nathan Cox, Daniel Deyton, Jesus Enriquez, Suzana Escalera, Garrett Evans, Natalie Flack, Tyler Ford, Hannah Fox, Madison Galloway, Kaylee Green, Alayah Hamilton, Annsley Harrill, Breanna Harris, Brianna Hendrix, Sean Hill, Eva Humphries, Rachel Ingle, Jacob Jenkins, Carlee Jones, Katelyn Jones, Ridge Jones, Keylee Juarez, Neftali Juarez, Carsyn Kilgo, Jamie King, Kailee Mayse, Kinsley Mayse, Kristen McBrayer, Sidney McCranie, Bryson McGinnis, Kassidy Owens, Kayla Penson, Madison Poteat, George Randlett, Caitlin Roper, Lucia Sargent, Eli Scarlett, Nathan Smith, Riley Smith, Daisy Soto-Rivera, Jessica Spainhour, Jasmine Spainhour, Sullivan Stevens, Heath Waldrop, Morgan Wheeler, Tyler Whiteside, Jordan Williams, Kasey Wright, Carlee Yelton.

From East Rutherford High School: Ruben Aguilar, Carlee Arrowood, Laine Bailey, Olivia Bennett, Sarah Boyd, Brianna Bradshaw, Colby Bradshaw, Brianna Bradshaw, Jahad Burris, Kaylee Camp, Christopher Carpenter, Celeste Castle, Avery Champion, Addison Cilone, Joshua Clark, Noah Conner, Katelyn Crowe, Jodie Dalton, Gabriella Day, Hailey Driver, Kiana Driver, Corrinna Epley, Jordan Faucette, Miranda Ferguson, Diretha Foster, Addison Greene, Aaliyah Hardy, Kinsley Harrill, Addison Harris, Preston Helton, Brooklyn Henderson, Khadejah Hill, Cameron Holley, Isaiah Hunt, Dezyrae Jones, Cole Larsen, Olyvia Ledford, Katherine Linder, Torri Littlejohn, Ja’Qualyn Logan, Justin Lovelace, Osha Makerson, Jordan Maner, Makaili Marshall, Trent Matheny, Demetrius Mauney, Morgan McCall, MyAnn McEntyre, Caitlin Melton, Jesse Mitchell, Vivica Moore, Sarah Morrow, Kirstin Mullins, Abbey Ranta, Breanna Robbins, Austin Roderick, Bennett Ruff, MaKenzie Russ, Macie Sherburne, Cameron Simmons, Emily Taylor, Peyton Teague, Mackenzie Thompson, Taylor Thorn, Litzy Vasquez, Jayden Waddell, Christian Walker, Sarah Webb, Kaitlyn Whisnant, Zeke Wilkerson, Madison Wishion, Dylan Wright, Cheyenne Yelton.

From R-S Central High School: Sydnee Arrowood, Madison Breedlove, Lindsey Byars, Nell Camp, Elijah Carson, Haley Chavez, Ethan Cooper, Nathan Craig, Alley Crotts, Caitlin Dailey, Michael Dickerson, Autumn Dobbins, Cassidy Ellenburg, Jennifer Escalera-Estudillo, Madalyn Fleming, Jayla Freeman, Jacob Fry, Mary Giggie, Savannah Harris, Brooklin Hart, Elijah Henderson, Dylan Henson, Morgan Hill, Kathryn Hunt, Kevin Johnson, Jacob Knox, Anna Lawson, Jada Logan, Carah Lollar, Matthew Long, Timothy Marshall, Molly Martin, Triston McDowell, Aaron Medford, Meghan Melton, Henry Ni, Elisabeth Norris, Jesse Ramsey, Aryanna Rhoads, Samuel Roller, Tyson Samuel, Sadie Scripps, Micheal Tesseneer, John Torvinen, Joshua Vickers, Owen Wilson.

In addition to the ROPE Award, the McNair Foundation also awards two other scholarships annually and introduced a new annual scholarship in 2019.

The Ron Paris Mass Communication Award was established in memory of Mr. Ron Paris, who founded The Daily Courier and was a founding member of the Board of Trustees for the McNair Foundation. Each year, one senior from each high school who demonstrates an aptitude in mass communication is awarded up to $8,000 in scholarship funding. Congratulations to the 2019 recipients of the Ron Paris Mass Communication Award, Addie Harris of East Rutherford, Morgan Hill of R-S Central, and George Randlett of Chase!

The Charles Z. Flack Jr. Community Leadership Award, created in memory of founding Board of Trustees member for the McNair Foundation Mr. Charles Z. Flack Jr., is also given to one senior at each of the three high schools. The selected recipients have demonstrated leadership, community service, organization skills, and vision within their school and community and will receive up to $8,000 in scholarship funding. Congratulations to Zeke Wilkerson of East, Brooklin Hart of RS Central, and Jesus Enriquez of Chase for being Charles Z. Flack Jr. Community Leadership Award recipients for 2019!

The Robert McNair Memorial Scholarship was founded this year in memory of Mr. Robert McNair. Each year, one ROPE Award recipient from each high school who best exemplifies and embodies the characteristics and values of Robert McNair will receive a $10,000 scholarship to aid in furthering their education. Congratulations to Ja'Qualyn Logan (East), Jacob Fry (RS Central), and Lyndazha Burkins (Chase) for being the inaugural recipients of this memorial award!

Congratulations to all 179 scholars on their hard earned accomplishments. The McNair Foundation thanks you for your outstanding service in this community.

2019 ROPE recipients display their awards

ROPE recipients
R-S Central ROPE recipients Haley Chavez (left), Morgan Hill (middle), and Caitlin Dailey (right)

Robert McNair Memorial Scholarship recipients (left to right) Ja'Qualyn Logan, Lyndazha Burkins, Jacob Fry

Charles Z. Flack, Jr. Community Leadership Award recipients (left to right) Brooklin Hart, Jesus Enriquez, Zeke Wilkerson

Ron Paris Mass Communication Award recipients (left to right) Morgan Hill, Addie Harris, George Randlett

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