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McNair Memorial Scholarship Recipients

Cariss McWhirter

Robert C. McNair grew up in the Harris community and graduated from Cool Springs High School in 1954. He then attended the University of South Carolina where he met his future wife, Janice. Bob and Janice McNair moved to Houston in the 1960s where he started several businesses including Cogen Technologies. After becoming a very successful businessman, he and Janice decided to use their success to give back to the community where he grew up.

Bob McNair felt there were many of his classmates who had the ability to go college but didn’t have the means or the motivation. In 1989, the McNairs started the Robert and Janice McNair Educational Foundation. His goal for the Foundation was to provide the means and the motivation to students of Rutherford County to pursue education beyond high school.

Kya Wilson

The Robert C. McNair Memorial Scholarship was established in 2019 in memory of Bob McNair and in celebration of 30 years of his commitment to increasing postsecondary education for students of Rutherford County. McNair, despite his humble beginnings, took advantage of opportunities presented to him and refused to let obstacles/failures hold him back. Despite his success, he remained humble and committed much of his wealth to help others find success.

This scholarship will be awarded annually to a ROPE Award recipient at each high school who embodies the characteristics that Bob McNair exhibited and valued in others. Recipients of this scholarship are selected by the Teacher Advisory Council from each high school. The recipients of this scholarship will receive up to $10,000 over four years for their postsecondary education.

Lani Warren

The Board of Trustees of the Robert and Janice McNair Education Foundation is pleased to announce the recipients of the Robert C. McNair Memorial Scholarships: Cariss McWhirter from Chase High School, Kya Wilson from East Rutherford High School and Lani Warren from RS Central High School.

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