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Class of 2019 Takes a Walk Down Memory Lane

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

Traveling back to one’s roots often serves as a gentle reminder of the journey that led to one’s current place in life. During the last two weeks of May, the halls of Rutherford County elementary and middle schools buzzed with excitement as seniors from R-S Central High School (RSCHS), East Rutherford High School, and Chase High School filled the hallways suited in their graduation caps and gowns.

East Rutherford walk the halls 2019
Jordan Harris and classmates prepare to walk through East Rutherford Middle

Walk the Halls is a tradition recently adopted by the McNair Foundation and Rutherford County Schools (RCSNC) in which soon-to-be graduates from RCSNC take a stroll through the hallways of their former respective elementary and middle schools. The excitement is mutual; younger school students eagerly line the halls to greet their “superheroes” and seniors file through with plenty of enthusiasm and high-fives to go around. Walk the Halls is a great opportunity for young students to glimpse what their future can hold with a little bit of dedication and hard work. Seniors also get a chance to reflect on their educational journey thus far and reconnect with their former teachers.

RSCHS senior Devon Knight reflected on how the children see the graduates as superheroes when they walk through the hallway. He went on to relate how young students can see themselves in the graduates, saying “We’re really at the end of the road and showing them where they can be… where they should be.”

Congratulations to the Class of 2019 and best of luck as you continue on your journey.

R-S Central seniors walk the halls at Pinnacle Elementary
R-S seniors receive goody bags from Pinnacle Elementary students

R-S Central seniors walk the halls at Spindale Elementary
Soon-to-be R-S Central graduates chat with Mr. Joiner at Spindale Elementary

Chase High seniors walk the halls of Chase Middle
Chase High School seniors chat while walking Chase Middle

East Rutherford seniors walk the halls
East Rutherford seniors on their way to walk the halls of their former schools

Chase High seniors walk the halls at Forrest Hunt
Chase High seniors pose after walking the halls at their former elementary school - Forrest Hunt

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